Vivekanand College, Kolhapur


Vision and mission


Education for Knowledge, Science and Culture is the motto of Shri Swami Vivekanand Shikshan Sanstha. By offering numerous floweral tributes to the founder president of Shri Swami Vivekanand Shikshan Sanstha  and Sansthamata Sushiladevi Salunkhe, the venture of  Vivek Research Journal has been taken to motivate the researchers. The goal of Vivek Research Journal is to become recognized globally as a stakeholder in the scientific community and to be a contributor in expanding the frontiers of knowledge. Apart from imparting and spreading the innovations and knowledge, the prime object of Vivek Research Journal is to create socio-scientific awareness among the mass.


Our mission is to play a vital role in global research by contributing to the advancement of knowledge in critical and creative areas. We seek continuously to make significant investments that will serve Research and Social needs.