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Guidelines for Submission


Publishing Code of Ethics and Terms & Conditions:- 

Vivek Research Journal abides itself in ethical responsibility towards the confidentiality, coherency, and respect to the manuscripts submitted to it for consideration of publishing in its volumes. The manuscripts are essential parts of its knowledge platform and are in fact the means of its existence. This Journal accepts that manuscripts are knowledge assets of the authors and are the direct reflections of their research works and achievements. We accept that the manuscripts are outcome of joint efforts and inputs from authors, co-authors, and associated institutions. 

Looking into the sensitivity of the research content, Vivek Research Journal accepts the need of ethical behaviour for all stakeholders (authors, reviewers, editors, coordinators, achievers, and others) involved in the process of publishing of research manuscripts.

The author(s) should submit only original and unpublished works to the journals, no part of which has been previously published in print or online as, or is under consideration as, a peer-reviewed article in another journal, as a non-peer-reviewed article (such as a review) in another journal, or as a book chapter. 

Vivek Research Journal and the representatives do NOT take any responsibilities of violation of copyright, patent, or any other laws or rules by authors in their content or due to any ignorance in review process. We disclaim the responsibility of correctness or completeness of the content in any respect and author(s) is (are) considered to take complete responsibility of the submitted content.

Format and Guide lines for the Research Paper:-

The Research must purely be original and the paper typed in 1.5 space on one side of A-4 size paper in MS-Word 2003/2007,  font Times New Roman or cambria for English , Krutidev or Shree Lipee 6.0 version for Hindi and Marathi font size 16 should have sufficient margin. The paper must be typed in 1.5 space not exceeding 5,000 words along with abstract of 100 words. The soft and hard copy of the paper along with abstract may be sent either on an email attachment or by post to the Publisher address before one month of issue

Author Guidelines / Manuscripts Requirements:

1)   Length: Not more than 07 pages maximum for a paper. However, authors are advised     to write as much precise as possible.
2)   Font: Times New Roman or Cambria
3)   Font Size: Heading-14 (Bold), Sub Heading-12 (Bold) and rest of the text-12.
4)   Title: The title should be concise.

Paper Format and Layout: - The paper should have the following details:
1)   Title (should be centre)
2)   Authors / Authors (Designation, Affiliation, Detailed Address, E-Mail ID, Phone Numbers)
3)   Abstract (maximum 100 words)
4)   Key words (maximum 6)
5)   Points with Explanation
6)   Conclusions
7)   References (APA style format only)

  • Case Studies proposed may preferably be supported by real life case examples from public library situations.
  • Tables and Figures, if any must have a brief caption written on the bottom of the figure and provide the due reference of the original work.
  • References must be in latest version of American Psychological Association (APA) standard format.
  • Authors are solely responsible for the factual accuracy of their contribution.