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VOLUME I | ISSUE I | June | 2020


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1 Dr. Nitu Kaur, Vesper Lalrinawma


A Correlational study between Emotional Competence and Test Anxiety among the Secondary School Students

2 Gloria Lalchhanhimi, R.P. Vadhera The Relationship between General Intelligence (GI) and Academic Achievement (AA) in Collegiate Students

P. U. Kadam, N. P. Jadhav, A. D. Ghadage, S. M. Shendage, A. S. Sartape

Study and Synthesis of Jasminumofficinale Leavesas Herbal, Economical and Effective Alternative for Synthetic Indicator

U. Urunkar, C. J. Kambale, S. V. Malgaonkar, G. J. Nawathe, M. M. Karanjkar

The Study of Propagation of Gaussian Laser Beam in Collision- Less Magnetized plasmat.


Supriya. M. Patil, Tripti Karekatti

Lucifer and Lucy: A Psychoanalytical Study of Parent-child Relationship between David and Lucy in J. M. Coetzee’s Disgrace

6 D. M. Panahalkar, G. S. Nhivekar

Low Cost High Voltage Power Line Breaks Alert System


J. A. Chavan, L. P. Bhopale, A. K. Chougale

Effect of Beauveria Bassiana Infection and Subsequent Dusting of Plant Powder on Larval Weight in PM and CSR2 . Mori L.